undefinedIt pains me to say this. I'm not sure that I am compatible with the whole international Urban Sketching movement.

This all started when I was blasted on Facebook by an (American) Urban Sketcher after I'd commented positively on a very simple niaeve drawing on the USK page. I was told that this wasn't the sort of thing that USK wanted to encourage. I'm sorry, I thought it was meant to be inclusive.

But. The more I've delved into Urban Sketching - as it is now - particularly on Instagram, and by talking to other sketcher, it seems to be becoming more about 'Art' (capital A) than about enjoying capturing the world around us, one drawing at a time.

I've been keeping sketchbooks for over 30 years. These little books record where I've been, what I've been doing and are a great resource for a failing memory. I hope my grandchildren and their children will enjoy them.

I have used a huge variety of styles and the one above - while not typical - is in a whymical style that I enjoy, but seems to be frowned on by the Urban Sketch movement - even though it records a real scene with real objects in a fanciful non-realist fashion. (I can't place this style in an Art Historical context, but, whatever!)

I get the strong impression that what I'm doing isn't Urban Sketching (maybe I enjoy it too much) but a cross between Journaling and keeping a Travel Journal or Carnet de Voyages. I'm very happy with the Carnet title - my voyage is my life!

Sure there's lots of technical inspiration that comes out of the USK movement, but am I an Urban Sketcher? Probably not!